How do I add a disk to a VG in an active Metrocluster ( CA/XP )

How do I add a disk to a VG in an active Metrocluster (CA/XP)?
# These items are as I used them on my system
# Substitute with your own values!!!!!!!!!
# dev_group : p01oms
# dev_name : p01oms_00, p01oms_01, p01oms_02 etc...

# Export the HORCM instance number you want to work with

->  export HORCMINST=200

1. Find spare disk
*** Hint: use xpinfo -i and raidscan -p -fx, pvdisplay and/or strings the lvmtab file 

2. pvcreate disk 

3. Add disk to /etc/horcm(?).conf on local system 
(Just follow the standard in the file) 

4. Add disk to /etc/horcm(?).conf on remote system 

5. Stop / start raidmanager (local and remote) 
(Note: This is to re-read the config file and does not affect the running packages or cluster) 

-> 200
-> 200 

7:  Check using pairdisplay -g xxxxx -fx (disks will show SMPL) 
->pairdisplay -g p01oms -fx | more 

8:  paircreate the new disks 
# Syntax: paircreate -g -vl -f -c

 -> paircreate -g p01oms p01oms_25 -vl -c 15 -f data
 -> paircreate -g p01oms p01oms_26 -vl -c 15 -f data 

9. Check the status with pairdisplay
->pairdisplay -g p01oms -fx # (Will show COPY) 

10. vgextend vg's on local host 

11. Do a pairsplit 
-> pairsplit -g p01oms -rw 

12. Create mapfile with vgexport -s -p on local host and rcp to remote host 

13. On remote host, vgexport, then vgimport 

14. Do a pairresync
 ->pairresync -g p01oms -c 15


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